Valentin Okorokov is a classical master whose artwork is considered a National Treasure. His sculptures are featured in the permanent collections of twelve museums in Russia and his work has appeared in over thirty-eight worldwide exhibitions.

His sculptural pieces were the hit of the International Exhibition in Paris in 1992.

He is also listed in five Soviet National Catalogues and Who's Who in Russian Art. More than three decades of his work remains in Moscow by order of the Russian authorities. Mr. Okorokov generously shares his wisdom and experience with beginners and established artists.

To study with Valentin Okorokov is considered a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you wish to get more information about taking one of his classes or if you are interested in purchasing one of his pieces or commissioning a new work, Mr. Okorokov can be reached via email at: and by phone at (303) 774-7905