Selected Juried Exhibitions:


2008 Art Show Village Bersy, Paris, France

2008 "Art de Russie" gallery. solo exhibition, Paris, France

2006 "Grave Masters" The Art of Memeory and Mourning" Loveland Art Museum,

Loveland, Colorado

2006 "Portraits and Portrayals" Loveland Art Museum,

Loveland, Colorado

2004 COLA art show & auction, Denver, CO

2003 One Man Show - OFAC, Longmont, CO
2002 Longmont Artists Show, Longmont, CO
2001 Art show "Mr. Pool", Boulder, CO
2000 Local Artists Show, Boulder, CO
1997 Eighth Annual Sculpture Exhibition, "Quast" Gallery, Taos, NM
1996 Seventh Eighth Annual Sculpture Exhibition, "Quast" Gallery, Taos, NM
1996 One Man Show, "Quast" Gallery, Taos, NM
1995 Twelfth Annual Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, CO
1995 Governor Invitational Art Show,  Loveland, CO
1995 One Man Show, Italian Cultural Center, Vancouver, Canada
1995 One Man Show, Montgomery House Gallery, Boulder, CO
1994 Eleventh Annual Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, CO
1992 International Exposition in Paris, France. Five works by Valentin Okorokov via Istoki Gallery of Moscow, Russia
1992 Exposition in District Center of Culture(Moscow). Paintings and sculpture.
1991 Solo exhibition in Beziers, France. Paintings and sculpture.
1988 National Exhibition "Soviet Country", Moscow Central Exhibition Hall. Marble sculpture.
1987 Exhibition of Federal Russian Republic, "Artist and Time", Moscow Central Exhibition Hall. Stone sculpture.
1986-1987 Solo exhibition, Moscow Central Exhibition Hall.
1982 Solo exhibition, Moscow Scientists House. Paintings and sculpture.
1980 National Memorial Exhibition "35th Anniversary of Victory in World War". Moscow Artists Union Hall.
1973 Second National Medal Art Exhibition. Moscow Artists Union Hall.
1970 National Exhibition commemorating 100th Anniversary of Lenin's birth. Moscow Central Exhibition Hall.
1970 Autumn Exhibition of Moscow Artists. Moscow Artists Union Hall.
1968 Exhibition of the Russian Federal Republic "50 Years of Comsomol", Moscow Central Exhibition Hall.
1967 National Exhibition "50 Years of October", Moscow Central Exhibition Hall.
1965 Exhibition to commemorate the 35th Anniversary of the Moscow School of Art.
1964 Tenth National Exhibition of Graduates of Fine Art Institutes. Moscow.
Works by Valentin Okorokov in permanent museum collections:

1. CENTRAL MUSEUM OF MILITARY FORCES (Moscow): "In the Name of Life", Sculpture composition. 1963.
2. AVIATION MUSEUM (Monino, Russia): "For the First Flight", Sculpture composition. 1964.
3. TAMBOV MUSEUM OF FINE ART (Tombov, Russia): "Portrait of a Young Girl". Marble. 1965
4. SMOLENSK REGIONAL ART MUSEUM (Smolensk, Russia): "Bust of A.Chaplin". Marble. 1967.
5. CENTRAL REVOLUTIONARY MUSEUM (Moscow): "A.Chaplin". Portrait, Marble. 1968.
6. JAROSLAV REGIONAL ART MUSEUM (Jaroslav, Russia): "Portrait of N.Dokukin". Bronze. 1967.
7. HISTORICAL MUSEUM (Mojaisk, Russia): "The Battle of Borodino". Bas-relief. Marble. 1962.
8. BAUMAN HIGHER INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING (Moscow): "Figure of Academician S.Korolev". Bronze. 1982.
9. ATOMIC CENTER (Dubna): "Portrait of S.Korolev". Marble. 1984.
10. "Bust of S.Smirnov" Granite. Bought by Ministry of Culture in 1967.
11. "Portrait of a Girl". Marble. Bought by by Russian Ministry of Culture in 1979.
12. "Bust of Mathematician Stroev". Marble. Bought by Russian Ministry of Culture in 1989.