Artist Statement

Every professional artist craves to create sculptures and paintings and to be free, independent in fulfillment of his aim. At the same time, artwork must bear elements of beauty and emotions; it must appeal to human feelings because art is an international language connecting people.

I am happy as an artist because I found my own theme and the way to express it. Synthesis of classical and contemporary art is my goal and there are no limits to fantasy and improvisation. Any piece of art, sculpture or painting must elevate the spectator's artistic level and educate them aesthetically. Art can not be an imitation of life; it has to be more profound. Art is an image. I'm a follower of the classical system of art education and use the legacy of the Great Masters from the Past. It is possible to go forward freely and to bring your own, and probably even more beautiful contributions to the development of the world's art. 

Without art, without beauty, our life would be poor, dull and unemotional, and it could bring about erosion of the human soul.


Valentin Okorokov